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Day Care for Exceptional Children is unique. For children from 6 weeks to 21 years old, physically, mentally, and behaviorally challenged, minimally or totally dependent - we assist, encourage, teach, and care every day. Our mission is to provide day care services to physically and mentally challenged children in order for them to remain in the family or home setting.

We focus on the developmental process each child is going through. Feeding, dressing skills, play group, socializing, cognitive and language skills are all part of our day. With our low child-to-staff ratio, we help our children explore their environment with programs to meet their individual needs.

A Client Service Plan is done initially for each child. This is a plan based on the current abilities of each individual child with goals designed to maximize each person's potential.

We have adaptive equipment such as special chairs and positioning devices for those who need them. Some children need specially blended food prepared daily in our kitchen. We serve breakfast, two snacks, and lunch every day.

Many of the children at Day Care need maximum supervision while eating, dressing, and performing other activities of daily living. Our staff are trained to deal with special health problems such as seizures, monitors, tube feeding, and positioning immobile children at regular intervals.

Year-round, we begin our day at 6 a.m. with hours available as needed until 6 p.m. Some of our children are with us all day, but transportation may be provided by the public schools so our children can attend special education programs. We serve children year-round or on school breaks only.

DCEC has been serving the special needs of children in the Des Moines metro area since 1974. We have two locations in the metro area; each tailored to specific ages, including outdoor ,fenced play areas. Our quality day care program is supported financially by Polk County funds controlled by the Board of Supervisors. Families of our children pay fees based on a sliding scale according to their incomes, so all families are accommodated. Some families qualify for State Funding sources.

Working closely with parents, teachers, and therapists - we share in the trials, challenges, wonders, and joys of raising children with special needs. Our day care center is unique and our days are filled with exceptional children.


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Day Care for Exceptional Children is a non-profit center licensed by the State of Iowa and administered by a board of parents, lay persons, and professionals.
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